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Located in Platte County this pilot community encompasses both West Platte and Park Hill School Districts. 

The Platte County Pilot (PCP) is focusing on the guiding principles of Career Planning and Early Work Experience, Employer Engagement and Business Partnerships and Integration of Systems.  Our core partners (stakeholders) include representatives from Platte County School Districts serving 94% of the county’s students, Vocational Rehabilitation, Division of Developmental Disabilities, Platte County Board of Services, area service providers, a wide range of area businesses and parents and individuals with developmental disabilities.  The goal was to bring to the table all of the components necessary to move an individual with developmental disabilities ages 16-30  through a seamless transition to integrated employment in Platte County.  The catalyst for bringing all of these organizations together in one place is a  not for profit organization called The Farmer’s House which provides individuals with developmental disabilities early vocational skills training in a small business setting through their farm market, garden and baking programs.   By all working collaboratively we are providing students in our county the opportunity to gain early work-based learning through this unique program. 

By bringing all of these organizations together, we have started the process of integration of systems and will continue to focus on the subject in quarterly roundtable meetings.  The meetings will be facilitated by a third party and the focus will be on gaining further understanding about the roles of the various organizations and agencies involved in the process, identifying overlap or gaps,  and  successfully overcoming barriers to a seamless transition.    
Our focus on Employer Engagement and Business Partnerships was kicked off with a presentation and workshop facilitated by Rob Hoffman with Employment Analytics specifically on business engagement strategies.  Additionally we are finalizing surveys to gather information from educational, business and vocational rehabilitation services and qualitative data from individuals with dd and/or their families about employment need and challenges so we can gather baseline data to compare needs, services, resource availability, and challenges faced with over the life of the grant and beyond.   This information will be evaluated by the core team and used to make needed changes to policy and protocols to ensure higher employability of individuals with disabilities.


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