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Post-Secondary Education and Training

Post-Secondary Education and Training

Students with developmental disabilities should get the support they need to aim for, apply to, enter, and succeed in post-secondary education. 


        For students with and without disabilities, post-secondary education (PSE) increases earnings, job satisfaction, and opportunities for career advancement. Yet young people with developmental disabilities often miss out on the preparatory coursework and counseling that assist other students to aim for, apply for, enter, and succeed in post-secondary education. 

        Research shows that students with DD can and do achieve in higher education settings when they get adequate support during high school. This includes high expectations from parents and teachers, access to general education courses, self-determination training, and assistance with financial and benefits planning. Self-determination skills such as motivation, coping, goal-setting, and self-efficacy, play a critical role in predicting success in post-secondary education.


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