We asked each of the organizations that make up the Show-Me-Careers Consortium Leadership to share some information about their agencies.

Take a moment to meet the People First of Missouri!

      People First of Missouri is a self-advocacy, self-empowerment organization that exists for and is run by people with disabilities. Our mission is to promote equality so that people with disabilities can live the lives they want to live. The approach we use is through grassroots advocacy and partnerships at all levels of system change.

      People First is happy to see the variety of innovative approaches taken across the state to enhance the employment opportunities for Missourians with disabilities. As an organization, we are happy to assist in any way. People First representative, Patty Goss, sits on the Show-Me-Careers Consortium Leadership on behalf of the organization and people with disabilities. There are many great partners at the table with this project, but we believe that People First members can provide a level of input that no one else can because, as adults with disabilities, we have lived it.